Company Profile

AcmeAura is an international original street K-Pop dance outfit brand established in 2020.
We are dedicated to create clothing and associated products for fellow street dance lovers to express their personalities and lifestyles not only in practice rooms but also in daily lives. Combining street fashion elements and dancers’ needs is our key design goal. Being both functional and trendy is the soul of our products.

Street Style

Only agile wear, dancing footsteps are not bound, fully show the burst of dancing posture and aura.

Can be handsome, sweet, sexy, dance with heart is the ultimate way to feel k-pop. We are not limited, is the essence of chasing the trend. We do not compromise, is to study the function of k-pop costumes.

Our team and creators share a deep passion for Kpop dance and fashion, and we are dedicated to bringing the latest Kpop dance and streetwear trends to our customers. We take pride in offering high-quality and affordable clothing options that allow you to express your love for Kpop dance and fashion.

K-pop Trend

Design Concept

The concept of breaking the tradition, the integration of multi-dimensional elements, the extreme aura, the explosive dance, and the comfortable dress. With the original concept of multi-dimensional elements, it brings the perfect experience to the street dance lovers.

Our collections are designed to inspire and empower young girls who want to express their unique personality through their clothing. From trendy streetwear to bold and colorful Kpop dance outfits, our collections are carefully curated to provide you with the best selection of clothing options.